Reading Response 2

Can Jokes Bring Down Governments? states that comedy is one of the most potent weapons available to the public in today’s society. “Jokes are low budget. They are among the cheapest goods we all have access to; they don’t cost anything, and they work. They are austerity-proof. Jokes, like laughs, are contagious, even if their intention is deadly serious”. Today’s world runs on electronics, the web, and social media. It is where millennials choose to get their news, where everyone decides to share their opinions, and one of the most influential platforms that have divided generations today. I believe jokes have become a big part of society because they have become an art form of self-expression. Everyone can hide behind a screen, but once you share a meme, it has the potential to go viral and reach millions worldwide. Jokes have become a dominant weapon because the cost and social status just don’t matter.

I believe jokes have the ability to provide authority to those who hide behind a screen because it’s easier to take a stand anonymously than face to face. Jokes have changed the way we perceive politics they have the influence to change views and outcomes from the public when it comes to current issues. Robust subjects can seem simple and innocent, but the authenticity says otherwise. Since many jokes and political cartoons are written by “anonymous” it makes it hard to believe its credibility. The word anonymous has become “a geopolitical force of influence”, and not in a positive technique.

For example, this meme about Hillary Clinton it just separates our political parties even further which only divides our nation even more. Memes can be confident and funny and also sometimes make a big issue seem simple but at the same time memes can be disruptive and a false way of communication. Lately, a lot of memes, in my opinion, have been just plain disrespectful towards our president. All the jokes and stupidity that happens behind a screen isn’t helping anyone nowadays. I believe jokes cannot bring down a government, but people are acting without knowing the facts can cause a significant impact on any country.